Marıne servıce

Marine Boiler Repairs
Reconditioning Service
Hydraulic Repair Service
Marine Automation Service

1.      Marine Boiler Repairs

We are giving below services for boiler repairs;


§  Main & Auxiliary Boilers’ tubes, headers, plates replacement repairs 

§  Economizers, Super-Heaters, Gas Boilers’ tubes, headers, plates replacement repairs

§  Pre-fabrication, shaping and fining of boilers and Gas boilers tubes in our workshop,  ready for easy in situ installation

§  Paneling of boiler tubes in the workshop ready for easy in situ

§  Boiler insulation and refractory renewal

§  Boilers condition and remaining life assignment survey 


2.      Reconditioning Services

We are reconditioning of diesel engine parts like piston crown, cylinder head, exhaust valve and seats, piston rods regardless of the engine maker.

Also, we are exclusive agent of DMI China.


3.      Hydraulic Repair Services

Atılgan Shipping is offering a complete service for maintenance and installation of all hydraulic systems as steering gears, thrusters, deck cranes, winches, hydraulic valve systems, hatch covers and hydraulic pumps with our long term qualified partners. In fact, all systems found onboard your vessel.   


4.      Marine Automation Services

Atilgan Shipping provides reliable technical solutions for onboard automation system faults with our long term qualified partners,