Atilgan Shipping Co. Ltd.

Ship Management Service

Sale & Purchase

With its regular fluctuations and volatility in asset prices outside the historical range of performance, the current sale and purchase market is a unique and challenging environment.

Record demand for vessels sits alongside unprecedented order books, and shipowners need a broker capable of offering an accurate perspective on the present and future state of the market.

Atilgan's global Sale & Purchase desk has an experienced in this arena, active in all areas of the market – from dry bulk vessels to tankers and general cargoes – with a worldwide network of contacts at their disposal. The team also possesses newbuilding projects in China, who are in regular communication with all the major shipyards.

Our experienced team are dedicated to representing both Buyers and Sellers interests with an impartial view to secure you the accurate information you require in making the right asset disposal or acquisition decision. Using our purpose designed databases, we're quickly able to call upon information on a wide range of vessels ensuring our marketing effort for tonnage is both fast and comprehensive.

Innovation in sale and purchase, including pioneering work in the use of structured finance and tax-based leasing deals, has made Atilgan a market leader in S&P business.

Atilgan is responsible for all aspects of sale and purchase including new buildings, second hand tonnage and demolition.
The service covers all types of vessel including container ships, dry bulk carriers, oil and gas tankers, tugs and barges.