Atilgan Shipping Co. Ltd.

Ship Management Service

Marine Consultancy

Atilgan's Consultancy Division, supported by the other Atilgan Divisions, undertakes Key Assignments for major Organisations, Ship Yards, Financial Institutions, Interested Investors, and Key Marine Operations around the world. Key assignments are undertaken that fit into Atilgan's overall Marine Business Areas and for which Atilgan has the Operational and Professional Expertise and Experience required.

Atilgan provides a high quality, technical investigation and surveying service to the marine insurance, shipowning and legal professions.
Atilgan’s greatest strength is the quality of its staff – we are able to offer a comprehensive range of marine surveying and consultancy services through our team of consultant surveyors (naval architects, marine engineers and master mariners) assisted by our technical support team. All our consultant surveyors have the knowledge and wealth of experience to understand, and link, the many differing aspects of the shipping world day-to-day business. Our technical support team, accounting and administration personnel assist greatly in enabling us to provide an efficient service to clients.